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"Every Individual Charged with a Crime Is Entitled to the Best Defense Possible." - Samuel R. Terry

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Criminal Charges Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

They are especially difficult to handle when you have been wrongfully accused. Whether you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit or you are facing charges more serious than you deserve, you cannot afford to retain a lawyer who does not believe that you deserve to be defended. You need a tenacious and thorough legal representative. That is why you should contact The Law Office of Samuel R. Terry, P.C. immediately.

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I strongly believe that every individual charged with a crime is entitled to the best defense possible, as the success of your criminal defense depends heavily on your choice of an attorney. By retaining me as your Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer, you will have peace of mind knowing that your lawyer is working on your case at all times and that he will not stop fighting until your case is complete. Other firms may pass your case off to an inexperienced junior associate or paralegal, but at The Law Office of Samuel R. Terry, P.C., you will work directly with your attorney.

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Providing the Best Possible Defense for Every Case

I strive to answer any and all criminal defense questions you have and promptly return all calls and emails. Learn exactly what I could do to fight your charges by contacting my firm today to schedule a complimentary case evaluation. I have practiced in both state and federal courts and will provide equally aggressive defense for any case , no matter how minor or serious it may appear to be. You don't have to face your criminal charges alone; contact my firm today for the knowledgeable legal representation that you both need and deserve. Your initial consultation is free!

My firm is available to represent a wide range of cases, including:

Schedule a free case evaluation with my firm today to speak with me directly and learn how I can fight your charges. I provide the same aggressive, skilled defense for each of my clients' cases no matter what charges they are facing. I believe everyone deserves the best defense possible, so contact my office at your earliest convenience to learn how I can handle your case.

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